Lizzie & Ella


Painted Pumpkins

Halloween library display: made with sharpies, white out, paper, pumpkins, metallic garland, and kids lit characters.

Portrait of a Library Patron

Advisory Logo based on a Memorable Moment of 8th grade Drag Queen Karaoke

Student Choice Book Awards

Stickers and book mark designs for the most popular book of the 2012-2013 School Year.

Doughnut Puzzle Achievement Unlocked: Jolly Pink Doughnut

Our library’s impromptu Puzzle Club received these happy little stickers when they completed their most difficult puzzle to date: The 1000 piece Doughnut Puzzle.

My Ideal Bookshelf

Super Summer Reading Lion

Book-holding Book Totes made to look like Book Covers.

These were a hit our middle school library’s Book Fair. We bought a box of 40 blanks and then had a little drawing party with the Monday Afternoon Fine Arts League. At the fair they sold for 2 bucks and the proceeds went to charity.


The displays I put together for Summer Reading! 

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ZINECORE zine - ›


There is a zine on zinecore. For those who are not familiar, zinecore is a modified version of Dublin Core that takes the unique characteristics of zines into account. I’m personally a fan.




Heyo that’s my Bookcycle!

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Libraries Repurposed from Unused Structures:

(1) Originally a Walmart.

(2) Originally a drill hall.

(3) Originally a train car.

Advisory Logo starring Napoleon Dynamite’s Kip